Stand Taller with Karen Scott Fitness

Karen Scott Fitness blends classical Pilates with contemporary fitness and restorative movement therapy techniques to help you feel your very best! Specializing in stress reduction, Karen takes into consideration your unique abilities and mindset for a movement experience that calms stressors in the body that often carry over to how you think and feel.  Each session is customized specifically to achieve your personal fitness and wellness goals, so you leave with a sense of accomplishment and joy.


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The Pilates Method

Pilates is a time-tested movement therapy practice that improves how your body functions and feels. 

It's a connectedness exercise method that strengthens and lengthens muscles while reducing tension and stress in the mind and the body. Pilates emphasizes efficient breathing, structural organization, and quality of movement. A consistent practice yields many benefits, including:

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In the words of Joseph Pilates himself: "in 10 sessions you'll feel different, 20 you'll look different and in 30 you'll have a whole new body." 

Are you ready to feel stronger and stand taller?
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The Studio

Karen Scott Fitness utilizes both classical apparatus and contemporary props and tools that help you better connect to yourself and get the most out of every session.

Located at a private residence in El Segundo, California, Karen Scott Fitness is the epitome of a personal, focused attention, with only one session taking place at any given time. This means exclusive access to the most appropriate equipment and techniques to help you reach your goals efficiently. 

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The Oov activates core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending and supporting the spine's natural curves to stimulate healthy neuromuscular connections and alignment throughout the body. From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation, or for relaxation, the Oov can be used on the mat or with other Pilates equipment for an elevated movement experience.

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Reformer with Konnector System

Konnector is a single-rope pulley system (replacing the static ropes and handles) on the reformer that makes Pilates even more versatile and fun! The system enables independent, simultaneous movement of both arms and legs with proprioceptive feedback, facilitating full-body integration and stronger core activation in new, dynamic ways. 

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Split Pedal EXO Chair

The Pilates Chair is the ultimate apparatus for strength-building in a unique and fun, full-body workout.  A more versatile variation of the original, the split-pedal EXO Pilates Chair facilitates a robust repertoire of exercises with added reciprocal and rotational movements for a challenging, cardio/aerobic workout.

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Franklin Method Balls and Bands

The Franklin Method uses neuro-cognitive imagery and anatomical embodiment to create lasting positive change in your body and mind.  Eric Franklin encourages the use of balls and bands, many of which will be utilized during your Pilates session, to increase feedback into the system during movement.


The Karen Scott Difference

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An empath with a heart as big as her smile, Karen will lift your spirits and empower you to conquer all that life throws your way.

Karen is comprehensively trained in the Pilates Method by Polestar Pilates, certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, trained as a Level 2 Oov Practitioner, and serves as a mentor for Polestar Pilates International.  She utilizes all of the classical Pilates apparatus, including reformer, trapeze table, and barrels, and incorporates newer equipment, accessories, and methodologies, such as the Konnector and Oov, to enhance your Pilates experience and ensure you enjoy the best possible results from your sessions, without diverting from the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.  She listens to your goals and desires and tailors each session to help you achieve them.

With Karen, you'll get more out of every session, and leave feeling confident and ready to conquer the rest of your busy day.

Karen primarily teaches private sessions out of the Karen Scott Fitness facility in El Segundo California.  She also teaches group classes and hosts workshops in El Segundo, California and surrounding neighborhoods.  Her promise to you is a positive movement experience that will help you sweat away today's frustrations, reduce stress, and feel energized. 

What Clients are Saying...


“I fell in love with Pilates.”

Karen is why I fell in love with Pilates.  She's a fabulous instructor, is super attentive, and gave great modifications for my persistent injury.  I got an awesome workout, and didn't leave in pain. - T.O.

“The real deal.”

I was skeptical of the whole "oov" thing, but I'd heard positive reviews and gave it a shot.  I stood up after my first session feeling great, and, better yet, was able to play tennis pain-free that night.  Karen is the real deal! - J.A.


Karen's awesome.  Not only does she provide a great, customized  workout, but she makes it fun, as well!   - S.K.


“Encouragement and support.”

What a gem!  Karen gives me perspective to see exercise in a new light.  Her encouragement and genuine support guide me to progress in my Pilates practice with ease and helps me grow with every session.  She's a great teacher! - J.F.

“I felt immediate relief.”

I could barely make it through the day at work, my low back pain was simply unbearable. After just one session with Karen, I felt immediate relief - and I've been nearly pain-free since working with her on a weekly basis. - E.F.