Improve Posture.  Relieve Tension.  Reduce Stress.

OOV AT THE OFFICE is a corporate wellness program developed to address the aches and pains commonly experienced by those working in an office setting.

In private sessions scheduled in 15-minute increments over the course of a few hours in your office, individuals are assessed and guided through a series of simple movements while lying, sitting, or standing on an OOV. These gentle exercises promote a healthier, more functional position of the spine... making easier to be productive and tackle a busy day at work!

OOV AT THE OFFICE is currently available in El Segundo and surrounding neighborhoods


What is an Oov?

The Oov (pronounced like “move” without the “m”) is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment designed to cradle the spine while challenging neuromuscular stability and coordination.  Made of specially-designed compliant foam, it comfortably matches the natural curves of your body. Once positioned on the Oov,  your body is lengthened into its most ideal alignment, primed to re-train dysfunctional, habitual movement patterns that result in unhealthy posture, low back discomfort, and neck and shoulder pain.

Invented by Australian osteopath/neuroscientist Daniel Vladeta, the Oov has been embraced at all levels - from Olympic and professional athletes and their trainers, to physical therapists and their rehab patients.  OOV AT THE OFFICE is a unique offering available only through Karen Scott Fitness.

Feel Great, and Do Great Work

Key benefits resulting from a consistent practice on the Oov include the following:


- Improved posture
- Neck, shoulder, and back pain relief
- Easy of joint movement
- Stress relief

- Improved proprioception and balance
- Fascia stimulation and release
- Injury prevention



What to Expect

In each 15-minute one-on-one appointment, an individual will be assessed and guided through a series of simple movements while sitting, standing, or lying on an Oov.  These exercises are designed to program the neuromuscular system with new movement strategies to promote a healthier, more functional position of the spine.

Either the hips/low back or the neck/shoulders will be addressed in one session, depending on assessment of the individual's needs. Additional equipment such as resistance bands and hand weights may be utilized for better results. Sessions do not require previous workout experience and can be completed in work attire (this is not a sweaty experience).

At the end of the appointment, individuals are reassessed, and typically emerge from the Oov feeling truly revitalized!

How it Works

- Karen Scott Fitness and Company set day of week and time for OOV AT THE OFFICE program to come to your office site
- Employees sign up for 15-minute appointments via an online booking site, arranged by Karen Scott Fitness
- Karen Scott Fitness sets up on-site for a predetermined amount of time and works with employees one-on-one during their
reserved OOV AT THE OFFICE appointment time
- Open house and/or health fair appearances are available to help promote awareness, understanding, and interest in the program


OOV AT THE OFFICE is a Fantastic Benefit for Progressive Companies to offer their Employees

Flexible Payment Options:
- employee/company match
- ongoing company-paid employee benefit
- one-time company-paid special event

Karen Scott Fitness is fully insured and fully equipped. Host site must have a private space available in which to conduct the sessions.


Contact Karen Scott Fitness for specific details and custom pricing.

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