2019 Pilates Rates

COMMIT TO SELF CARE and request an appointment with Karen. It's an investment toward feeling more energized, happier, and healthier. Are you ready to feel stronger and stand taller? Let's get moving! Request your appointment today.

Private Sessions (55 mins):
$90 - Single Session
$425 - Five Sessions
$800 - Ten Sessions

Private Sessions (30 mins):
$55 - Single Session
$260 - Five Sessions
$490 - Ten Sessions

Semi-private Sessions (55 mins):
$65 Per Person - Single Session
$315 Per Person - Five Sessions
$600 Per Person - Ten Sessions

All Packages expire after three months.  Payment for first appointment is due upon arrival.  Subsequently, payment is due prior to booking your next appointment.

Studio Location


KAREN SCOTT FITNESS is a beautiful, fully-equipped studio located in a charming downtown El Segundo neighborhood. Since the facility is located at a private residence, the exact address will be provided upon booking an appointment.

Karen offers private sessions by appointment only at your convenience Monday through Friday.

There is ample street and driveway parking, and private access to the secure studio space.

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For information regarding group classes taught by Karen in El Segundo and surrounding neighborhoods, please contact Karen at (619) 504-2515 or karenscottfitness.com.


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